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UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Experiences Inc.

They weren't slaves. They were human beings with gifts, visions and purpose.

There are countless untold stories of the Underground Railroad, stories that speak of human determination, creativity, intelligence and faith. Those stories deserve a voice. It's my passion to be that voice!

Conductor Dee, CEO  and Cultural Interpretive Guide of UGR3Day 

Dynamic and Powerful!

I woke up still excited and emotional about the HARRIET TUBMAN HISTORICAL RIDE on yesterday! It was amazing! Thank YOU for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I will forever TREASURE that experience. THANK YOU for such a POWERFUL and DYNAMIC experience. For me, the rain made it especially emotionally, powerful. I kept saying and praying, “IF Harriet and the Freedom Seekers did this with no shoes, thin clothing, no real meals – SURELY – I can do this on a bike with the proper “rain gear”. God brought them through the many dangers, toils and snares… The last story you shared of them having the will to physically fight through the last 5.9 miles to freedom was overwhelming and visual reminder of the value we must place on our FREEDOM(s)! 

Educational & Empowering

Educational, empowering, challenging, spiritual, fellowship...just a few words to describe my journey last weekend on the UGR3Day 52 mile walk. What an amazing experience! It's a week later and I am still soaking it all in. We walked where Harriet walked, we sat where she sat.

We got tired along the way, but we kept going. We got cold, but we kept going. We got hungry, but we kept going.

An Amazing Experience!

#UGR#DAY Bike the Underground Tour was an AMAZING experience! 55+ miles with more than half of it in the rain from Central DE to PA. We stopped along the way w/ Conductor Dionne sharing our history that's not well known. We come from indescribable strength!! Whew..what a feeling to finish! We talked about this ride since September but neither of us knew what an amazing experience it would be! One stop had cheerleaders to give us an extra boost.

Epic Birthday Month Kickoff

Thanks UGR3DAY for my #Epic Birthday month kickoff! To God be the glory!! Our ancestors went through so much to makeit to freedom. Their resilience made our historic journey today even more worthwhile.

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