• Experience the Underground Railroad

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Giving Voice to the Untold Stories

Follow UGR3DAY on Instagram and Facebook for uncommonly told stories of the Underground Railroad. The creativity within the escapes, the brave travels and powerful demonstrations of faith and community are captivating. Learn about the places, people and pathways that led to freedom! UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Experiences Inc. provides a variety of hiking, walking, sailing and cycling opportunities ranging from a couple of miles to the signature three day experience.


Delaware Three Day Tour!

Time travel with us as we step back to the 1800's to connect with the stories of the Underground Railroad fueled by faith, community, strength and resilience.

Visit historic landmarks and go into registered Underground stations on the Network to Freedom. Included are sites and routes associated with Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, over a dozen Black Underground Railroad Agents and a host of freedom stories!

Walk, sail, and experience multiple land and waterway freedom routes! Dine and spa in the heart of the Underground. Connect to the sounds, sites, scents and flavors of the Underground Railroad as we visit close to 3 dozen sites interwoven by storytelling provided by our Nationally certified cultural interpretive guide and historian, Conductor Dee

You will visit landmarks, hideaways and statues. You'll sail the ship that brought the first purchased African to Delaware, on what later transformed into a freedom route. Enter a former slave jail and discover the neighborhood of FREE Black men and women who worked tirelessly to prevent these kidnappings and captures. Peak into the travels of Harriet Tubman's recues and learn to cook in a 16th century kitchen in a historic hands on class. Spa on the Underground and experience the heart of William Still's message to freedom seekers. Learn how to make the dolls that enslaved women made for their children.

Meals are inspired by the Underground Railroad and provided by 5 star catered chefs, a historic tavern and delicious eateries on the Harriet Tubman Byway.

The cost includes almost 30 hours of activities, all tours, site visits, lunches and dinners, swag bag of snacks, historic momentos, Harriet Tubman journal and event t-shirt. The cost per day is approximately $216 for all events, meals and experiences totaling just $650 for your immersive three-day extravaganza.

*Event contingent upon minimum number of 8 participants met. Sailing vessel on a freedom waterway based on availability of ships at close of event registration.

Dionne Patterson

Women of Vision, Women of Purpose: A DSU Film Featuring Stories by Conductor Dee