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The time has come for me to tell the story of my people who entered the U.S. in 1750. They became free and were re-enslaved, separated only for me to to connect the two halves of our family over 250 years later! Discover what happened when I visited the descendants of the folks who enslaved them, and the familial connection to the land we now live on. This year long genealogy project is explored in this SPECIAL EDITION magazine. EXPLORE 50 pages of storytelling from the Great Dismal Swamp to the art, food and historic escapes from Underground Railroad cities. You won't want to miss this edition!




UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Experiences Inc. was established in 2019 through a 52 mile walk on the Underground Railroad that was done in celebration of “Conductor Dee’s” birthday. Along with 11 friends, they walked through Central Delaware, Northern Delaware and Kennett Square, PA. Dionne Patterson, a.k.a. “Conductor Dee” knew from the beginning that she wanted it to be more than a walk. Her vision was to have it be an experience, and an experience it was. That walk, often regarded as life changing by its participants, was the start of UGR3DAY. “We called it UGR3DAY (for Underground Railroad 3 day), but most people would not know what that means if I didn’t add Underground Railroad Experiences after it. “, says Dionne. So when it came time to apply for a business license, the original name was extended into a longer title. “Most people still call it UGR3DAY, and that’s okay because both names are officially listed as the business name.” Since that time, the three-day experience has branched out into many different types of programming to include 90 minute walking tours, cycling, sailing, horseback riding, wine tasting and even chartering trains! Dionne also provides genealogy workshops and speaks at forums. Please also check out our school programming page.

Private event for GirlTrek

Heels on History GirlTrek 2.5 mile walk. For members of GirlTrek or women of color/allies who are intetested in joinng this organization. Dover location for meetup is posted on GirlTrek page. It will also be emailed to members upon registering.

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Giving Voice to the Untold Stories

Follow UGR3DAY on Instagram and Facebook for uncommonly told stories of the Underground Railroad. The creativity within the escapes, the brave travels and powerful demonstrations of faith and community are captivating. Learn about the places, people and pathways that led to freedom! UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Experiences Inc. provides a variety of hiking, walking, sailing and cycling opportunities ranging from a couple of miles to the signature three day experience.

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Did you know that your tax-deductible donations directly support programming for children? At UGR3DAY, we are committed to providing enriching experiences to young minds. Last year, we offered over 60 scholarships to students, allowing them to attend a UGR3DAY field trip in partnership with Delaware schools. Additionally, we organized free children's workshops, fostering curiosity and appreciation for history.


Culturally Responsive Professional Development

Committed to honoring diversity, equity and inclusion, we are pleased to offer two trainings to support culturally responsive PD; Microaggressions and Anti-Bias Classrooms. Both are quality assured through the University of Delaware's Institute of Excellence in Early Childhood. Click below for more information.