UGR3DAY Overnight Experience 5/18

It's an overnight camping experience in Delaware on the Underground! FIVE events in one! Interested? Click below to learn more!

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Once you've slept on the Underground, you'll want to share the news with everyone! Pre-order your event t-shirt and pick up at check-in on the 18th!


UGR3DAY Magazine

This double stuffed edition highlights female physicians during the antebellum period and shares the stories of untold 19th century female narratives. Dive into our research findings, as we uncover the secret history of iron forges and furnaces, that intentionally sought after the skills of African artisans for their iron plantations. Discover how many of these sites, now National Parks became landmarks on the Underground Railroad! Explore the people, the places, the untold stories, in our upcoming edition. SOLD OUT! Our next issue is released in June.
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Culturally Responsive Professional Development

Committed to honoring diversity, equity and inclusion, we are pleased to offer two trainings to support culturally responsive PD; Microaggressions and Anti-Bias Classrooms. Both are quality assured through the University of Delaware's Institute of Excellence in Early Childhood. Click below for more information.


UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Experiences Inc. was established in 2019 through a 52 mile walk on the Underground Railroad that was done in celebration of “Conductor Dee’s” birthday. Along with 11 friends, they walked through Central Delaware, Northern Delaware and Kennett Square, PA. Dionne Patterson, a.k.a. “Conductor Dee” knew from the beginning that she wanted it to be more than a walk. Her vision was to have it be an experience, and an experience it was. That walk, often regarded as life changing by its participants, was the start of UGR3DAY.