• Experience the Underground Railroad

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Dee Patterson

Giving Voice to the Untold Stories

Follow UGR3DAY on Instagram and Facebook for uncommonly told stories of the Underground Railroad. The creativity within the escapes, the brave travels and powerful demonstrations of faith and community are captivating. Learn about the places, people and pathways that led to freedom! UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Experiences Inc. provides a variety of hiking, walking, sailing and cycling opportunities ranging from a couple of miles to the signature three day experience.

UGR3DAY Underground Railroad Magazine

Connect, Discover, Celebrate!

The Underground Railroad is more than stories of empowerment and resilience. It includes historic sites, delicious food, herbalism, connecting with nature and so much more! Turn the pages through tangible history in our UGR3DAY Underground Railroad magazine. Catch up on our latest happenings and learn more about your surrounding area.

Women of Vision, Women of Purpose: Stories by Conductor Dee