The UGR3DAY Overnight Experience

Have you ever slept on the Underground Railroad? This is your opportunity to connect with history on an overnight excursion just a few doors down from the home of an Underground station master! This private Black-owned farm in Smryna, Delaware is fully operational growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. They also sell fresh eggs from their chickens and have goats, pigs and geese! Countless freedom seekers were hidden in barns on farms owned by Quakers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Like them, we'll awake to the sound of the rooster call at this picturesque property. The location of this Smryna, Delaware property is disclosed after registration.

Please note you will need a small tent, sleeping bag and pillow.

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We are SO excited to have you join us for FIVE EVENTS rolled into one experience!

What will we do during the Overnight Experience?

4:00pm: Welcome and Tent Set up.

Bring your own tent and creature comforts. We recommend a two person Wakeman tent for $22.17. Feel free to bring a cot, pop-up air mattress and sleeping bag. Unsure what to bring? Don't worry. We'll send you suggestions after registration. Want a tent buddy? Invite a friend!

5:00pm: Historic Rag Doll Workshop

African Americans mothers throughout history were industrious, creative and resourceful as they cared for their children. Using scraps of cloth, they made rag dolls for their children, some of which traveled the Underground with their daughters. Here the stories as you learn how to make your own doll. Supplies included.

6:00pm: Chef Prepared Dinner

Our favorite Chef Mo will be joining us for the experience, and will be merging 19th century dining with a touch of today for this vegetarian, gluten free meal. Harriet Tubman's cornbread is included.

7:00pm Dusk to Dark Trek

We will drive to a nearby landmark on the Harriet Tubman Byway for a 1 mile Underground Railroad walk. You will be provided with a purple safety flashlight that will allow you to see along the trail without disturbing the nature. Experience the sights and sounds as we walk through land that Harriet Tubman trekked. Nervous? We won't judge you if you hold hands or lock arms as they did on the Underground.

9:30pm Secrets and Smores

Coded messages, secret knocks and covert language. Here all about the secrets of the Underground as we roast marshmallows over an open fire.

7:00am Coffee: Who was sipping? Who was serving?

Coffee was THE drink of the Underground Railroad. Discover different ingredients that were used when coffee beans were inaccessible. Sample a flight as you hear about who sipped and who served!

8:30am Pack up and depart.

*Please note that these are estimated times on the schedule and may be slightly modified to meet the needs of the group.

There are no refunds for this experience as your booking includes prepayment for different accommodations.

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