Discover how to strengthen your classroom community by exploring the impact of microaggressions. These, sometimes well-intentioned comments, mannerisms or interactions can create a breech in relationship building with children and/or their families. Learn how to boost your cultural competence through everyday practice.

2.00 Clock Hours

Developed by Dionne Patterson, SME 2022

Anti-Bias Classrooms

Half of the 17,000 preschool expulsions in America in 2021 were Black boys, although they only represent 20% of enrollment. This workshop explores internal bias, family engagement and culturally responsive experiences. Through a lens of reflection, early childhood professionals are challenged to identify, and minimize biases to cultivate culturally responsive interactions and environments. Together, let's learn how to embrace social justice in early care settings.

6.00 Clock Hours

Developed by Dionne Patterson, SME 2022

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